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Melting the Troll's Heart

This short novella is a great introduction to the Trollkin Lovers universe.

Follow Kessa, a former King's guard, and Zal'jan, a hunter from a small village, who are both pulled into the war between humans and trollkin.

But when they're both stranded in a snowy valley, they'll have to work together to survive.


Stealing the Troll's Heart: Extended Epilogue

The extended epilogue for the first Trollkin Lovers book, Stealing the Troll's Heart!

Spend some time with Telise and Raz'jin and their teenage son, Izzek, who's going through a bit of a rebellious phase. But once they get some alone time, things might start heating up.


Keeping the Human's Heart: Extended Epilogue

The extended epilogue for the Keeping the Human's Heart!

Now trying for their second whelp, Han'zir looks to a healer for a little assistance. Then Han'zir and Drazak compete to see who can seed Esme first—but not in the way you think.


The Monster Menagerie: The Last Dryad

This sample short story from The Monster Menagerie follows Ana, an employee at the Monster Menagerie, and Taki, a dryad who is slowly deteriorating the longer he's separated from nature. Ana suggests taking him to the woods so he can reconnect.

Censored art.png

NSFW Art from Keeping the Human's Heart

This gorgeous artwork by @bloodwrit (on Twitter) features Esme, Drazak and Han'zir from Keeping the Human's Heart.

Must be 18+ to view!

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