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Healing the Orc's Heart now available for preorder!

The second book in the Trollkin Lovers series, Healing the Orc's Heart, is now at every major eBook retailer for preorder.

The story follows Blizzek, an orc who's just been badly injured in the last human-orc battle. He's near death when he's found by Nera, a human woman trained as a healer. It's sweet, heartfelt, and of course, incredibly smutty and sexy. But it's a more tender, slow kind of sexy this time.

It's a completely standalone book that has callbacks to Stealing the Troll's Heart. Blizzek is Raz'jin's best friend, who saw the idea of "mates" as useless and old-fashioned; certainly something that would never happen to him.

You can preorder your copy of Healing the Orc's Heart now and help support future books in the Trollkin Lovers series!

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