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Prince of Beasts: Peach & Bowser Retelling

A new heartfelt monster-fucker book has landed!

My latest novel, Prince of Beasts, is the first in my new "Tales of Monstrous Romance" series, featuring fairytale-like fantasy settings and lots of steamy, monster-fucking goodness. Credit to author Ash Raven for this amazing cover!

The story behind Prince of Beasts is kind of a silly one, given how relatively serious the book turned out. I went and saw the Mario movie, and all I could think about when I came home was Jack Black's "Peaches, Peaches" song. I loved the idea of this conqueror who was obsessed with a woman from afar, and had decided that of course she would marry him, and everything would be happily ever after. He would just show up with an army at his back to make sure she said yes. There's a little Beauty & the Beast DNA in there too, to get us to our happily ever after.

Prince Jakol is... Dream Bowser, really. Despite first appearing to Queen Dienne as a conqueror, he's loving, kind, patient, and a really giving lover. This book is a slow burn by necessity, because he has to earn her trust as much as her love and affection.

Here's the blurb!

Queen Dienne’s sworn duty is to protect her people, so when a monstrous race known as the Burbarre arrive threatening to conquer her kingdom, she has no choice but to accept their terms: Marry Prince Jakol, a huge man with great horns and ox-like legs, who has loved her from afar for many years.

Though Dienne vows never to care for the beast who forced her into this marriage, she finds that Prince Jakol is kind, handsome and earnest, and he wants only to please his new wife. There’s no way she could fall for Jakol, especially when his body is so strange and unlike hers—right?

This book has some weird monster dick, a little bit of dubious consent (given the coerced marriage circumstances), and a lot of sugary-sweet romance.

I hope you enjoy!

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