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Prince of Beasts

An arranged marriage monster romance novella


Queen Dienne’s sworn duty is to protect her people, so when a monstrous race known as the Burbarre arrive threatening to conquer her kingdom, she has no choice but to accept their terms: Marry Prince Jakol, a huge man with great horns and ox-like legs, who has loved her from afar for many years.

Though Dienne vows never to care for the beast who forced her into this marriage, she finds that Prince Jakol is kind, handsome and earnest, and he wants only to please his new wife. There’s no way she could fall for Jakol, especially when his body is so strange and unlike hers—right?

  • Arranged/forced marriage

  • Fated lovers

  • Size difference

  • Breeding

Content Warnings
  • Forced marriage

  • Dubcon

  • Detailed sexual situations

  • Pregnancy & birth

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