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A collection of the first three books in the Trollkin Lovers series, which follows orcs, trolls, ogres and humans as they cross the lines of war, language, and culture for the sake of love.


This three-book box set includes:

Stealing the Troll's Heart: Book 1
When a monstrous troll and a human warrior woman are consumed by their lust for one another, it might just erupt into a heated, tumultuous love affair.

Healing the Orc's Heart: Book 2
An orc badly injured in war. A human healer who takes him in. Will something else bloom between them?

Capturing the Orc's Heart: Book 3
Lieutenant Agkar refuses to respect his new human boss, Captain Zirelle Mastair, but she might just demand it.

Trollkin Lovers Collection #1 (Books 1-3)

  • You will be automatically delivered an .epub file that can be opened on most devices. 

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