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Charming the Troll's Heart

Trollkin Lovers

Book 4

Stolen from her bed in the middle of the night, Rimi is shipped across the ocean to a strange land and kept in a cage like an animal. She's almost given up hope for escape when a good-natured, roguish troll is assigned to be her new caretaker.

Lo'zar is a petty criminal, smuggling illicit goods from one place to another while enjoying his life as a carefree player. But when he's tasked with transporting a human woman to a buyer, he wonders if he's really doing the right thing.

As Lo'zar grows fond of the clever, sweet Rimi, he knows he has to help her—even if freeing her means putting his life on the line. Can they survive the dangers of the jungle together and get Rimi back home?

Tropes & Content Warnings

  • Language barrier

  • Guard/captive

  • Size difference

  • Breeding​

  • Violence and death (on-page)

  • Thoughts of death

  • Captivity/trafficking

  • Parental neglect

  • Crime/thieving/smuggling

  • Claustrophobia

  • Mentions of drug use (off-page)

  • Pregnancy

  • Birth

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