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Trollkin Lovers

Their civilizations are at war, and they don't speak the same language.

But some of them will cross the lines for love.

Stealing the Troll's Heart

Book 1

When a monstrous troll and a human warrior woman are consumed by their lust for one another, it might just erupt into a heated, tumultuous love affair.

Healing the Orc's Heart

Book 2

An orc badly injured in war. A human healer who takes him in. Will something else bloom between them?

Capturing the Orc's Heart

Book 3

Lieutenant Agkar refuses to respect his new human boss, Captain Zirelle Mastair, but she might just demand it.

Charming the Troll's Heart

Book 4

When a troll smuggler is tasked with transporting a human woman to a buyer, he may just have to set her free.

Keeping the Human's Heart

Book 5

One troll, one orc, and the human woman who they find sleeping in their barn.

Finding the Troll's Heart

Book 6

A grumpy old troll and a stubborn human woman team up to go on a mission.

Enchanting the Ogre's Heart


Norgren the ogre wants nothing more than a human mate of his own, but she might not be as keen.

Tempting the Ogre's Heart


When a human woman is given to the ogre as a sacrifice, he might be forced to take her in.

Melting the Troll's Heart


A human soldier and a troll hunter are trapped in a snowy valley.

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