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Healing the Orc's Heart

Trollkin Lovers

Book 2

When Blizzek is conscripted to fight in the war against the humans, he assumes he'll end up dead—that's the only possible outcome for a stubborn, arrogant orc like him. But when he's gravely injured in a battle, it's a human woman with gentle, brown eyes who saves his life.

Nera inherited her skills as a healer from her father, who always taught her to care for the sick, no matter who they were. When she finds an orc out in the woods, well, she has a duty to help him. But is it more than just duty that convinces her to bring him home with her and nurse him back to health, too?

While kind Nera cares for him day after day, Blizzek finds an unspoken desire slowly blooming between them. But their people are at war, and Blizzek must return to the front lines, or die as a deserter—which would mean leaving Nera forever.

Tropes & Content Warnings

  • Language barrier

  • Slow burn

  • Hurt/comfort

  • Breeding

  • Bonded mates

  • Captor/captive

  • Moderate violence / mentions of blood and death

  • Detailed sexual situations

  • Physical abuse

  • Slavery & captivity

  • Pregnancy & birth

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