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Knowing the Ogre's Heart

Trollkin Lovers


Releasing September 13th!

After the death of his parents at the hands of human villagers, Cragnorr was orphaned—until Mia, only a girl herself, rescued him. She’s kept him a secret all his life, and the silent, gentle Cragnorr has made it his life mission to protect Mia. 

But when Cragnorr’s presence is discovered by the village, the two of them are forced to run. While Cragnorr and Mia try to survive in the wilderness, their bond of friendship evolves into something else... until they’re taken prisoner by bandits.

Cragnorr is forced to fight in the bandits’ gladiator pit, while Mia watches from the bandit king’s side. Can they escape this terrible place? Or will the peaceful giant become the vicious monster he is inside to save Mia?

Tropes & Content Warnings

  • Graphic depictions of sex

  • Size difference

  • Stretching and stuffing

  • Some gore (severe and deadly injuries)

  • Fighting pits and gladiator fights

  • Gambling

  • Alcoholism

  • Threat of rape (there is no NC)

  • Breeding kink

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