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Enchanting the Ogre's Heart

Trollkin Lovers


Norgren the ogre wants nothing more than a human mate of his own, and he’s found the perfect one: a beautiful, curvy woman named Tally, who works as an apothecary in the nearby human town. He expects her to be thrilled about the charming, cozy home he’s built for her, but when he demands she stay with him, Tally flees in fear instead—shattering Norgren’s heart.

But when war comes to Tally’s town, she may have no choice but to return to Norgren for help. Will he get past her rejection and take her under his wing?

Tropes & Content Warnings

  • Language barrier

  • He falls first

  • Size difference

  • Breeding

  • Bonded mates

  • Graphic sexual situations

  • War, violence, and death

  • Drug use (off-page)

  • Death by fire (off-page)

  • Light gore

  • Death of a child (off-page, discovered body)

  • Breeding

  • Pregnancy

  • Birth (off-page)

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