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My Minotaur Husband



Now available in audio! Buy direct from my website, or find it at your favorite retailer.

Celeste is one of only a hundred remaining humans on Earth, living on a secured preserve away from the many dangerous monsters out in the world. But some monsters desperately want human companions—and they’ll abide by all the strict rules and requirements to get one. Celeste has applications piling up from those who want to court her, but she’s afraid of taking the leap... until Theo. 

Theo the minotaur is shy, gentle, and kind, and wants nothing more than a human wife to spoil. When Celeste agrees to move in and start a trial marriage, he’ll do anything in his power to keep her happy and safe in a world where a human might make a great meal for another monster. 

The only problem? Theo is huge in more than one way—and he knows Celeste isn’t ready for him yet. It will take trust and time to prepare her as they start to build their new life together, and it might just lead to falling in love.

Tropes & Content Warnings

  • M/F

  • Size difference

  • Big cock

  • Stretching

  • Use of sex toys

  • Parental death and abandonment

  • Light gore and assault

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