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Comes with a signed, paperback copy of Bred by the Wolfman, along with one NSFW print and an adorable 3-inch sticker.


Pages: 220



Dee is tired of working minimum wage jobs, so she takes a position at DreamTogether, where she'll anonymously carry a monster's baby for a sizable salary. But when her first client, “Bill” the wolfman, shows her the time of her life, Dee will be changed forever.

Russ has always wanted a cub of his own, but he’s exhausted all possible options except one: hiring an anonymous surrogate at DreamTogether. While he expects a perfunctory visit breeding a human, he discovers an incredible and delectable woman—and his instincts know that she’s his mate.

But after parting ways, neither of them knows the other besides a fake name. Can Russ find out Dee’s true identity, and convince her that they should raise their cub together?

Bred by the Wolfman book bundle

Expected to ship end of July
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