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Esme will not be used again, certainly not as fodder in a war that has nothing to do with her. When she makes a mad dash from the field of battle, she becomes a deserter, with nowhere to go except deeper into trollkin territory.


Drazak the orc and Han’zir the troll have lived a quiet, peaceful life together on their farm—until they find a human woman sleeping in their barn. When Esme convinces them to let her stay in exchange for work, Han’zir is excited about their new “pet” human. But Drazak is inexplicably drawn to her, and fears what his hunger could mean for them when Han’zir has already refused his life pledge once before.


In time, Esme begins to feel at home in this idyllic place. But she’ll soon find she can’t escape the war forever.


This is a super steamy, M/M/F monster romance (46k words) that incorporates characters from previous novels but can be read as a standalone, and takes place during the events of Book 1 and Book 2. It features two MMCs in a relationship, one cinnamon roll troll and one grumpy orc, and a sweet, kind-hearted FMC. You'll find size difference, mating bonds, rejected mates, breeding, and a happily ever after, set against the backdrop of war.


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Keeping the Human's Heart (ebook)

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