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Telise has survived on her own by being the quickest, the smartest, and the deadliest. But even to her friends, she's always been a little... Strange. She's spent her life seeking something that other humans simply can't offer her, and it's not until she tries to rob two trollkin that she realizes what it is she's after.


Raz'jin the troll has only ever wanted money—oh, and the occasional casual lay. But when he finds himself with a dagger at his throat, at the mercy of a red-headed human woman... He discovers a new and very unexpected desire in himself.

Telise and Raz'jin are both haunted by the memory of their meeting, even if such a relationship would be the ultimate taboo. Their peoples are at war, and they can't even speak the same language. But when they meet in a bar in neutral territory, perhaps their bodies can do the talking for them.


Stealing the Troll's Heart is a super steamy, enemies to lovers monster romance novella that takes place during a war between humans and trollkin. It features size difference, a language barrier, a virgin human FMC, a strong heroine, and a vulgar troll MMC with a sweet heart underneath. (It also contains wartime themes and violence.) All the Trollkin Lovers novels take place in a fantasy world of orcs, trolls and ogres that's perfect for lovers of World of Warcraft. Features a guaranteed HEA!


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Stealing the Troll's Heart (ebook)

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