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Extended Preview of Bred by the Wolfman

Dee is tired of working minimum wage jobs, so she takes a position at DreamTogether, where she'll anonymously carry a monster's baby in exchange for a sizable salary. But when her first client, “Bill” the wolfman, shows her the time of her life, Dee will be changed forever.

Russ has always wanted a cub of his own, but he’s exhausted all possible options except one: hiring an anonymous surrogate at DreamTogether. While he expects a perfunctory visit breeding a human, he discovers an incredible and delectable woman—and his instincts recognize her as his mate.

But after parting ways, neither of them knows the other besides a fake name. Can Russ find out Dee’s true identity, and convince her that they should raise their cub together?

Chapter 1


It was one thing to sign up for this. It’s a very different thing to actually be strapped in, face down, my feet in steel stirrups with padded bands anchoring me to the bench. The stirrups hold me so my legs are wide open and I’m fully exposed, my ass up to the sky and the gentle air conditioning brushing over my most sensitive parts.

We’re not supposed to look at them, and they’re not supposed to look at us. Those are the rules, or so I was told. It was also in the documentation DreamTogether gave me, which I was instructed to closely review before my first day.

It seemed like a great idea when I scribbled my name on the dotted line and dated three sheets of carbon-copy paper. Good pay for nine months of work and three months of recovery time, mostly work-from-home? Not to mention the excellent health insurance, which I’ve desperately needed—the best money can buy, no surprise. This is a spendy operation, and the monsters that come in here are either wealthy already, or have scratched and saved their pennies for many years to make their dream a reality.

I wonder which kind of monster I’ll get. As nervous as I feel right now, I’ll take any of them, as long as I don’t have to wear a visor and work late nights over a hot fryer.

I was given a month to prep after signing the contract. During my prep period, DreamTogether gave me a device to help spread me for my first appointment, called a “dilator.” Every night I set it just a little wider, then lay back on my bed, covered the silicone exterior in lube, and worked it into my vagina. Monsters are big, much more than humans, and for my own comfort I needed to be prepared. Responsibly I used it every night, setting it wider and wider, until I could take a girth that surprised even me.

I could probably get into fisting.

Now I’m in my probationary period, and how well I do during this first pregnancy will tell the company whether I can do more in the future. Of course I want to do more, and see if I can save up a nice nest egg for when I reach my five-pregnancy limit. 

This job is perfect, really. I can spend my time doing things I enjoy, and not worry about trying to scrounge up a living. There are so many hobbies I’ve wanted to try, but I’m too busy working at McFlips to do anything but veg in front of the TV and go to bed in my off-hours. Now all my needs will be met by the stipend I’m given, and I can finally get my wisdom teeth removed.

But with my clothed chest pressed against the bench and padded, leather ties strapped around my arms, I’m not so sure it was my best move ever. My heart starts beating faster as I try to adjust myself, but the straps keep me held down. I know it’s all for my own safety, but left alone in the silence like this, I’m sweating, and I wonder if I’ve made a huge mistake.

The room is sterile, disturbingly so. The walls are painted white and the floor is white tile. It all smells like it was recently cleaned. The bench is steel, and it makes me wonder how wild some monsters get when they’re mating. My bench is heavily padded to keep me safe from claws and hooves and whatever else, and DreamTogether assured me that there are cameras watching and listening at all times, in case a monster gets out of control. Then, they’ll intervene. 

And just to make everything easier, a bottle of lube sits on the little table next to me.

I have an appointment at 1pm on the dot, but I can see the face of my watch from here, and it’s 1:05. I’ve only been in this position for a few minutes and I’m already growing tired of it. 

Suddenly, a roar shakes the building. After a few moments there comes another rumbling growl, and I gape at the wall. What on earth was that? One of the other girls had mentioned she was on her third visit with a dragon, who had huge claws that gripped the entire bench. Once, she said, he pulled the whole thing out of the cement when he orgasmed.

I wonder how human-dragon offspring work, and how much of a bitch it would be to carry that particular baby—or whatever dragons call them. I hope she’s getting hazard pay.

When I signed up, I was given a list of possible monsters and checked off the ones I was comfortable with. I don’t remember everything on it now, but I’d okayed most of them except for the dragon, most notably. I’m glad I did.

But I could get anything. A naga, perhaps a minotaur, or even a cyclops. They’re all large creatures, and I’ll most likely make good use of the work I’ve done with the dilator.

I tick off another few minutes, my vagina growing drier by the moment. Damn it, where is he? Why would he be late to such an important appointment?

As if summoned by my thoughts, the door flies open so fast and so hard that it bangs on the wall. I cringe, and a husky voice quickly says, “I’m so sorry.” Much more quietly the door is closed, and reflexively I turn my head to try and see who’s behind me.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to look?” the voice says, deep and male and gravelly.

Blushing, I turn back around. “Right. My bad.”

He’s here. He’s really here, and I’m really doing this. I wrap my hands around the padded grips underneath my chest, because my fingers have started shaking.

It’s like I’d told Liesel. I’m excited about this. It’s a massive career opportunity and could, potentially, feel really good. I’d tried to date a monster, but for the most part, humans and monsters alike tend to marry within their species. It’s easiest that way, when we often live in different cities and different housing developments, and work at different companies. We don’t even frequent the same bars, so my chances of meeting someone eligible is generally slim.

But one thing we humans have that monsters don’t? High fertility rates, and a wide range of compatibilities. Almost any monster can mate with a human and produce offspring, and so companies like DreamTogether were born.

Heh. Born.

Over my shoulder, I hear a deep inhale of breath. “You’re nervous,” the low voice says. “I can smell it on you, my dear.”

Oh, great. A monster that can smell how I feel. The last thing I want is to be giving off the scent of fear while he’s trying to get hard.

“Sorry,” I say. “First time.”

There’s another huff behind me, and then I feel soft fur touching my hips. Fur? Maybe a yeti? The dull tips of claws brush over my skin.

“Your first time taking wolfman dick, or just in general?” he asks.

I crack a smile. So he’s a wolfman, and a dirty talker. I can do that.

“In general,” I say. “You’re my first client.”

My visitor snorts. “Client,” he says with derision. “Is that what I am? Just another client?”

I furrow my brow. How am I supposed to answer that? Of course he is. That’s the whole setup here. I’m the provider, he’s the client. He’s paying me for my services.

“Yes?” I answer tentatively. “I mean, I can’t even see your face. This is a transaction, isn’t it? You pay. I carry your baby.”

“Cub,” the apparent wolfman corrects me.

I nod. “Of course. That.”

For a moment there’s silence, and I wonder if I’ve fucked something up. But I’m not sure what else he wants from me. His hands haven’t moved, though, and wow, they’re huge. I wonder what he looks like. Then, as if cued by my imagination, he draws his fingers down toward the swell of my ass.

“Hmm.” Claws gently prod my flesh, squeezing me. I wonder if this is part of the process or not. I thought it would be a little more get-in-and-get-out, like a pee test. Instead, my client is testing me out, massaging my butt in a way that is, frankly, pretty erotic.

I hear the wolfman sniff again. “Ah,” he hums. “Much better.” He pulls the cheeks of my ass apart, exposing me to the air even further. Instead of earlier, though, when no one was here, now I know he’s watching, and a shiver runs down from my throat to my groin. I feel myself clench inside as his clawed finger reaches deeper in, spreading me apart, drawing my labia away from my opening. I feel the air conditioner again, even more acutely—and then, hot breath.

“Such a beautiful, hairy pussy,” the wolfman says, growling low in his throat.

What? Nobody’s ever said anything like that to me. I didn’t bother trimming, because I’m not here for the sex. I do have some thick, dark hair that I’ve always been self-conscious about, but instead I feel a tiny dribble of wet drool land on my leg in the stirrup.

He really likes it that much?

The wolfman keeps me spread with one hand, then trails the other down the inside of my thigh, toward that place where I’m tingling. His claw gently traces my skin, stopping just short of my clit. I thought he’d simply smear himself with lube and get on with it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Not that I mind. Though this teasing... it’s turning me on a lot more than it should. This is supposed to be business, nothing more.

But it clearly means more to my client. I guess I should go along with it, if that’s what he wants.

“You’re wet,” the wolfman remarks, curling his finger so now his knuckle is stroking my labia. He swoops it down, brushing over the tip of my clit, and I can’t help the little gasp that escapes me. I’m rewarded with a chuckle. “Do you like that, little human?”

“Sure,” I say. “You found the clitoris. Congratulations.”

A guffaw of a laugh fills the room. That knuckle rubs across my clit again, more roughly this time, and I moan. I can’t deny it feels good, but I don’t like all this teasing.

“You’re funny,” he says, looping his knuckle around to repeat the motion. “That will be a good trait for my cub to have.”

That is why he’s here, after all. He wants a child of his own. I wonder if he has a wife or a mate, and they’ve been struggling to have a “cub.” Or maybe he’s single and hasn’t been able to start a family, but wants one.

I’m already starting to hope he’s the latter kind. I don’t want to think about some other wolf-lady he’s been fingering this way. I hope he’s rich and single, maybe some kind of CEO, and can give our kid a good life.

I can’t believe I’m thinking like that already. We don’t even know if his sperm will take. It might require quite a few visits, they warned me. They’ll schedule one a month, right before ovulation, until I’m pregnant.

And it’s not like I know him at all. That’s the point—that we don’t know each other and have no attachments. But that’s hard to keep at the top of my brain when he’s gliding back and forth over my clit, making me wetter and wetter with each pass. My pussy flutters, and I hear that deep inhale again behind me.

“There we go,” he says. That’s all this is. He’s just trying to get me ready for him. It isn’t a personal thing, meant for my pleasure.

That’s when I feel something wet brush over my pussy.

I buck against the bench, overwhelmed instantly by the sensation of it. Is he really going down on me? I hear a muffled chuckle.

“Damn,” he says, and there comes a slurping noise like he’s licking his chops. “That’s good. I knew I picked right.”

I’m poised to say something about propriety and professionalism when that huge tongue laves over me again, this time down and over my clit. I moan as it circles there, flicking across it with abandon, then travels back to my slit again. My hips respond instinctually as the wolfman presses his tongue inside me, and I’m shocked by the size of it.

How big is this guy?

I can’t manage out words as he fucks me with his tongue, then quickly returns to my clit, back and forth. Soon I’m squirming and moaning, my pussy aching for something that isn’t there. Again that tongue twists its way into my channel, licking upward and then dragging along the inside of me.

“Oh, fuck,” I manage out, my whole body snapping up. He does it again, rubbing against my inner wall, and I can already feel my orgasm coming on. “God, yes.” I can’t stop the words tumbling out of my mouth.

Again he teases my clit, and again he fills me up, devouring me. I can’t help it when I go screeching right over the end of the train tracks, and something opens up inside me, unleashing a torrent of liquid.

“Oh no,” I whimper as his tongue rapidly licks me. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what just happened, I—”

“You’ve never squirted?” the wolfman asks, bafflement in his voice. “It’s normal.” Then he chuckles to himself, a rather self-satisfied sound. “I’m glad I could be your first one, again.”

Claws gently brush over the thick flesh of my ass, where he pulls my cheeks apart once more.

“Will you be done staring soon?” I ask, my pussy wide open and begging to be filled with something—anything.

Another booming laugh. But then his voice drops to a growl as he says, “You want my cock inside you, do you?”

I groan with frustration. I can’t believe I’m asking him to do the very thing he paid good money to come and do to me. But I’m horny and hungry and his filthy mouth is turning me on.

“Yeah,” I snap. “I do. So what are you waiting for?”

There’s no laugh this time, but a deep, hungry growl. Then comes a sound like a belt unbuckling, and clothes sliding down fur. Another rustle—maybe he’s even taking off his shirt. Getting fully naked in order to have sex with me.

Oh, god. That’s what he’s going to do now. I’m about to get fucked by a real, live wolfman, so he can put a “cub” in me.

“What’s your name?” I ask suddenly, wanting to know at least one thing about the monster whose offspring I’m about to carry.

“We signed—” he begins.

“No, it’s okay if it’s a fake one,” I clarify quickly for the surveillance cameras. “I just need... um, something. To say. You know.”

A hum of amusement comes from behind me. “Bill,” he says. “Call me Bill.”

That’s a fucking weird name to pick.

“Please, Bill,” I say, raising my hips higher into the air even though it makes the padded straps tighten. I need what only he can give me, and I need it right now. “Come inside me.”

I hear a dangerous growl, and this time when the big, meaty hands grab my ass, the claws dig in.

“Oh, I will,” Bill the wolfman says. Something soft and wet nudges at my entrance, and those claws spread me wide again, revealing everything. He’s breathing so hard I can feel it against my back. That object slides in further, just a tip, but... it’s big. Really big. Though it coasts on how slick I am, there’s still only so much give. 

“Your cunt is dripping for me, isn’t it?” Bill says, gripping me tight. I moan when he urges me to widen for him, and he huffs against my back. “And I’m going to fuck the most wonderful cub into it.”

Chapter 2


Fuck. Damn.

She feels perfect. So completely, utterly, blissfully perfect, and I’ve barely gotten the tip of my cock inside her. And holy shit, she’s tight, too. I expected her to be small, given that she’s human and everything, but her hot, wet pussy is making my balls tighten up, and a shiver runs down my spine. I’m practically vibrating with how badly I already need to come in her.

What I can see of her is beautiful, the ideal shape for carrying my cub. She has broad hips and a narrow waist and ribcage, her breasts hidden under her shirt. I can get a good idea of their size, though, and I know they’ll be perfect, too. Her hair is long and dark, and braided to hang down her neck. I wish I could see what her face looks like, but that’s against the rules.

Before I’m even halfway sheathed in her tiny, pink pussy, my body is singing for her. She’s ideally compatible with me, just like I am with her. It won’t take many visits to fill her up with my cub. Which is too bad, that I won’t get to breed her more than a few times here. And then afterwards, I’ll be kept away from her until my cub is born.

My instincts don’t like that, not at all. But I knew that would happen walking into this—and I’m prepared to curb myself to get what I want.

I don’t dive into her all at once, because I can tell her body is already stretched to its limit. I’ll need to warm her up first, so my cock doesn’t hurt her tiny human cunt.

She must have worked hard just for this much of me to fit.

Then I notice the lube that’s been sitting nearby all along, which I should have used before I tried this. But I was too starving to be inside her.

I thrust shallowly, just a few times to soak up the warmth of her, the pulsing clench of her. She’s whimpering and moaning with every stroke, even though I’m doing very little. She’s a sensitive thing, I’ll need to remember that. I’m mesmerized by the way her lower lips spread wide for me, those delicate black hairs decorating her in flawless curls.

When I pull out of her, she whines in objection. “Why did you stop?” 

I like that I’ve already turned this mouthy woman into a mess.

“I’ll be back,” I tell her, then reach for the lube. I slather my paw in it, then slide it all along my length. For good measure, I rub the come dripping out of my tip all over her before I push back inside her delicious pussy.

“Ah!” she cries out, falling forward on the bench. I slide in deeper this time, but not so deep that I hurt her. I need her to open up for me, so I can fit my knot into her.

That’s the way to make sure it sticks. I’ll fatten her up with my cub, without a doubt.

I glide into her again, my way made even easier by the lube, and more of my cock vanishes inside her. She buckles, and it’s good that her legs and feet are strapped in. I squeeze her thighs with my claws as I sink deeper, then pull out, then deeper still. My balls are practically shivering already with the need to fill her.

“Oh, Bill,” she says into the face pillow so it muffles her voice. “That’s... that’s so...”

I lean down, bringing the tip of my snout to her ear. “That’s so what?”

“Please.” Her voice comes out wonderfully desperate. “More, please, Bill.”

There we are. Though I really don’t love the sound of the name I chose—it was a panic decision.

I give her even more, watching raptly as I’m swallowed up by her. My knot is swelling, the two bulges to either side of my shaft pulsing with the need to release. I reach around her and dig my claws into the bottom of the bench, which is rubber and designed exactly for this. I rub my furry belly across her skin as I yank my cock out, and then thrust into her again, each pump earning a moan or a cry and a soft squeezing from her sweet cunt.

Absolutely flawless. It’s taking everything in my power not to let off now.

“Open up for me,” I whisper to her, shoving her hair aside with my snout. I plunge deeper with this stroke, so the shallowest end of my knot is starting to push inside her. “Let it all in.”

I slow my speed, making each snap of my hips deliberate, reaching farther and farther into her small tunnel. Her cries grow in volume, and she’s rapidly nodding her head.

“I’m trying,” she moans. “Please. I want it. Give me everything.”

She’s so wild for me that it’s making every inch of my fur tremble, and I’m tearing holes into the rubber on the underside of the bench. My feet scrabble for friction on the tile as I fuck her harder, watching her sweet, stretched pussy open even wider for my knot. She’s dripping for me, her pink lips shining under the bright overhead fluorescents as I stroke into her again, and again. 

“Take it,” I say, burying my nose in her hair to breathe in the smell of her. Oh, fuck, is she perfect, and everything I’ve always wanted. “Take my knot.” 

“Yes,” she moans as I push even more of it in. There’s a wet slurp with every thrust, the twin bulges at the base of my cock squeezing almost all the way in before I pull out again, her wetness dripping all over both of us. “More, Bill! More!”

So I obey, and on my next thrust, I manage to shove all of myself inside her. She cries out loudly, collapsing forward on the bench. I have to stand up more now to get the leverage I want, because I’m going to fuck her with my knot until she’s screaming.

How I’ve held back this long, I have no idea.

I slam my whole cock into her, then reel my hips back, only to bury it in her again. Every time she calls out my name, it makes all the hair on my mane and back stand up on end.

How I do wish it was my name.

I fuck her even faster, pounding her with my knot, and she starts to tense up all around me. Now I can barely fit inside her, and her walls are clenched so tight I feel like my cock might just pop. She feels better than pure bliss itself.

“Oh, fuck, Bill,” she sobs, and my mane is bristling at how sweet and delirious her voice sounds. “Fuck me harder, wolfman, p-please, I’m s-so close...” So I obey, fucking her like my entire life depends on it, clenching my thighs and ass hard so I can slam into her, over and over again. 

When she finally comes, it’s heavenly. She clamps down tight and wails, her hands clutched like claws around her grips. Her legs go stiff, and suddenly I’m struggling to move at all with how tight she’s become. 

It’s time. I jam my knot inside her as hard as I can, and it slips through her seizing, swollen channel. Then it lodges there, at last. 

I moan an agonizing moan as I finally let the dam break and all my come shoots out, more than I think I’ve ever come before. The bulges of my knot have swollen up fat with blood, and there’s no way I’m pulling it out of her anytime soon. The edges of her shining pussy have clamped down around it, nearly strangling my cock.

“Oh,” she moans as she suddenly wriggles, and then clenches up again. A mini-orgasm. Her body has taken well to mine already. I stroke her back as the fog of my own climax starts to clear. But I’m still anchored to her, and it will be some time before we can separate.

“How was that, my dear?” I ask, a little sultry. I peel back my lips and lick down from her ear to her neck, and she shivers all over. Her sweet pussy trembles around me.

“Really...” She swallows like her mouth is dry. “Really good.” She cranes her neck ever-so-slightly. “Will you come back, Bill?”

“Of course I will,” I say, brushing my hand down her spine to her round ass. “I’ll see you in one month.” I don’t know that for sure, but I’m going to hope. I want to know if my hunch about her is right or not—that she might be more to me than some anonymous woman with a great ass, an adorable moan and a pristine pussy.

“Okay. In a month, then.” Her shoulders droop. Does that mean she’s feeling the attachment, too?

We wait quietly until my knot comes down, and I spend it fantasizing about what she looks like, how she might feel under my hands when she’s full of my cub. Not that that will happen. Then, I slowly slide out, cupping my hand under her swollen, puffy cunt to catch the come that sloshes out. She sags against the bench, and I lick each of the cheeks of her butt.

“Thank you,” I murmur to her, cleaning her with a towel as best I can. She moans and twitches as I mop her up, and I’ve never smelled something as beautiful as her covered in my spend.

“Look forward to next time,” she says in a sleepy voice, and I wish I could hold her. Instead, I settle for running a claw down her back, then patting her once before leaving the room.



At the reception desk, I’m told that they’ll call me before my surrogate is scheduled to ovulate so I can come in for a follow-up appointment. They’ll administer weekly tests, but it’s likely I’ll have to return at least a few times to make sure it sticks. Once it does, they’ll let me know, and then I won’t have to come in again until my cub is born.

It makes my gut shudder to think I won’t be there for her pregnancy. But that’s the point of all this: I don’t know her, and she doesn’t know me. There are penalties for breaking confidentiality, and I could lose my shot at ever having a child of my own if I tried to find out her identity.

When I walk out into the sunshine, though, I feel better and lighter than I ever have. My body is at peace in a way it’s never been before. Mating so thoroughly with such a perfect woman has settled something deep inside me—while a different flame has ignited.

I finally turn my cell phone back on, and it’s full of missed calls. Shit. I rush to my car and get in, then slam the door closed. I had taken today off for my appointment, but this is clearly an emergency.

I put on the gas and drive out of the parking lot, though I feel like my mind and my heart are back in that room with the mother of my future cub. She took me so well, and felt so impossibly good around me. Her scent was like nothing else in the world.

Heading away from that building, I’m almost certain that she’s my mate.

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